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These are the trends and treatments you need to attempt come the new year.

Sometimes it feels like the Koreans have a new skincare innovation before we're even done with our nightly 10-step regimen. If 2018 was defined by Korea’s obsession with polluaging ingredients, a trend brought on by the nation’s unprecedented level of micro-dust, 2019 sees the rise of self-beauty as Korean skincare continues to make more inroads into broader lifestyle. Self-beauty is all about convenience, portability and accessibility. While having regular appointments with a ‘family dermatologist’ is a norm in Seoul, travel, work, and social life can get in the way, so self-beauty has been largely propelled by a movement to bring dermatologist and beautician expertise into either the privacy of your home or your handbag. Here are five of the top trends to treat yourself with in 2019.

Skin supplements

Why go to a naturopath or traditional medicine clinic when the country’s biggest retailer is rapidly expanding its corner of beauty-enhancing herbal supplements? Like many other countries, Korea is jumping on the ‘beauty from the inside out’ bandwagon and sales of skin supplements are going through the roof. Even the country’s hottest models are popping these beauty pills.

5 Korean beauty trends featured

Modelling masks

Originally a post-laser treatment, modelling masks are a little messier than their sheet mask sisters but industry insiders say that this mask isn’t just having a moment—it’s going to be a permanent fixture in Korean masking life. While sheet masks work wonders for drier skin types, oilier-skinned ladies should consider trying a modelling mask as they’re unbeatable when reducing pore size and getting rid of that dreaded t-zone slick. They also contain gentler ingredients as their powdery form requires less chemicals for preservation. The current Korean bestseller is Sidmool’s ACBYE modelling mask, with ancient earth rock as its main ingredient, it helps collagen formation and the removal of blackheads.

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Peeling masks

While ingredients are the bread and butter of a good skincare product, Korean beauty is shifting its emphasis from nouns to verbs as major brands release modelling, shaking, and peeling masks. Peeling masks have exploded in the beauty scene and will continue to dominate sales. If the thought of a peeling mask is already making your skin red, don’t worry. Over the past year, peeling masks have gotten more sophisticated and sensitive skin-friendly as companies remove artificial fragrances and opt for less abrasive ingredients. Roundlab’s Apple Peeling Mask has natural apple extract and is made of a higher quality cotton to help your skin absorb all the goodness.

5 Korean beauty trends
Foot sheet masks

Seoulites like to look good from head to toe so it’s no surprise that the mask craze has extended to feet. But it’s not just a fad. If you’re like us and wish you could get baby soft heels without having to scrub and scrape your them like they’re your arch nemesis, you’ll love Korea’s new batch of foot masks that get rid of those dead skin cells while nourishing away any dryness. With sandal season in full swing, we’d recommend Calmia’s Silky Perfect Foot Peeling Masks.

5 Korean beauty trends

Sun stick

Korean sun protection is notoriously disciplinarian and while the sun stick may sound like weapon of punishment for those who don’t abide by sun care rules, it’s actually a super convenient new alternative to sun cream. If you’re sick of your sun cream or milk spilling in your bag, the sun stick is perfect as it’s a solid bar that you can twist or turn and apply directly onto your skin. While 2018 had its first crop of sun sticks, expect to see a much bigger wave in 2019. The most popular sun stick was Verite’s Light Touch Sun stick.